About Walter Beuttler
Wade E Taylor


Walter Beuttler was a teacher in the Bible School that I attended.   He personally knew and walked with the Lord as few have.  I saw the effect and the outworking of this very unusual personal relationship which he maintained with the Lord.  The Lord revealed Himself, and manifestly moved in the lives of the students who sat under his ministry.  As a result, my life was both challenged and changed.


He continually exhorted his students to cultivate a personal, experiential knowledge of the Lord.  He used his unique spiritual walk and experiences with the Lord as a means to provoke us to begin seeking the Lord in earnest.


Through his ministry, two aspects of my spiritual life became very important to me.  The first was my new-found understanding of the immeasurable benefit of spending quality time “waiting upon the Lord.”    The second was my coming to know that it is possible to experience the “Manifest Presence” of the Lord.   Through his ministry, these became a reality in my life.


A spiritual principle that Walter Beuttler imparted through his class room teaching greatly affected my spiritual life, and became a foundational principle in the development of the ministry that I have experienced.


“If we build God a house  of devotion, He will build us a house of ministry.”


I can truly testify that this principle works.



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